wait [wāt]
[ME waiten < NormFr waitier < Frank * wahten, to guard, akin to OHG wahta, a guard, watch: for IE base see WAKE1]
1. to stay in a place or remain in readiness or in anticipation (until something expected happens or for someone to arrive or catch up)
2. to be ready or at hand [dinner was waiting for them]
3. to remain temporarily undone or neglected [let that job wait]
4. to serve food at a meal: with at or on [to wait at table, to wait on a person]
1. to be, remain, or delay in expectation or anticipation of; await [to wait orders, to wait one's turn]
2. Informal to delay serving (a meal) as in waiting for someone [to wait dinner]
3. Obs. to attend upon or escort, esp. as a token of respect or honor
4. Obs. to attend as a consequence
1. the act or fact of waiting
2. a period of waiting [a four-hour wait]
3. in England,
a) any of a group of singers and musicians who go through the streets at Christmastime performing songs and carols for small gifts of money
b) any tune so performed
4. Obs. a member of a band of musicians formerly employed by a city or town in England to play at entertainments
5. Obs. a watchman
lie in wait for or lie in wait
to wait so as to catch after planning an ambush or trap (for)
wait on or wait upon
1. to act as a servant to
2. to call on or visit (esp. a superior) in order to pay one's respects, ask a favor, etc.
3. to result from; be a consequence of
4. to supply the needs or requirements of (a person at table, a customer in a store, etc.), as a waiter, clerk, etc.
5. [Informal or Dial.] to wait for; await
wait out
to remain inactive during the course of
wait table
to serve food as a waiter or servant to people at a table
wait up
1. to put off going to bed until someone expected arrives or something expected happens
2. Informal to stop and wait for someone to catch up

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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